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about us

The Conneautville Church of Christ is an independent congregation which is overseen by its local eldership as prescribed in the New Testament. Two underlying principles make us unique among the confusing array of different churches in today's world. The first is a conviction that Christ did not intend for His church to be separated into the different denominational groups that presently divide the church (John 17:20 & 21). The second is the realization that unity will never be achieved through compromise, but only by doing away with man-made creeds and denominational policies and returning to the Bible as our only rule of faith and authority. So in points of doctrine the question is not "does your opinion agree with my opinion?" or does you 'official' position agree with their 'official' position?" but simply "what does the Bible say?" In areas of opinion we seek to accept differences with love.


We invite all who follow Jesus Christ to unite and be known only as "Christian" rather than by the different names that now divide Christandom. We invite every individual, regardless of church background, or the lack of it, to study the scriptures with us, confident that "faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God." (Romans10:17)



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